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We offer professional handyman services around Newaygo County for all your home repairs, home remodeling and small businesses. We take on smaller projects that builders turn down. By professional, we mean our work is completed in accordance to local codes, and completed properly, We do not cut corners or cobble your projects as we have seen over and over again around the area.

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We have over 25 years experience in building and construction. We can perform the following services and many more not listed!

  • Install new windows and doors
  • Install new roofs and repair leaks
  • Install siding
  • Install ceramic and wood floors
  • Repair minor electrical problems
  • Repair Plumbing and plumbing leaks and repairs
  • Install insulation and blown in insulation
  • Fix frozen water lines
  • Install pellet stoves, wood stoves and trouble shooting
  • Remodel bathrooms
  • Remodel kitchens
  • Install drop ceilings and Facade ceiling tiles
  • Install and repair decks, steps and handrails
  • Power washing and Painting through Newaygo Painting and Drywall Repair
  • Kitchen cabinet installation and custom countertop construction and installation
  • Install new gas or electrical hot water heaters
  • Install new toilets
  • Grab bar installation

Newaygo Handyman rates: Rates vary by project, but we offer professional handyman services and do not work for beer! We are professionals and charge professional, yet competitive rates. We generally charge time and material for most projects, but can offer an estimate of charges that you can expect!

We offer handyman services for seniors and offer substantial discounts for our senior customers and offer a sliding scale rates for our lower income clients as well.

CALL 231.206.5333

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